japanese Vegetarian cooking class

Hi, I am Maki!


I have been living in this beautiful old capital of Japan for 4 years and still loving to live here every single day. I have been conscious about what I eat and gradually changed my diet to whole food based meals over the past 12 years. I am a pescatarian myself, who doesn’t eat meat but fish, however, what I cook every day are mostly vegetarian foods.


I would love to share my knowledge about traditional home-cooked vegetarian meals which I eat on a daily basis, nothing fancy but good, heartwarming and real Japanese foods. This cooking class is focused on vegetarian cuisine but it can be changed to vegan cuisine upon request.



why I started this cooking class


Spending time with local people in different countries was one of the best moments I had while I was traveling around the world as a backpacker back in 2007. I traveled for 7 months, experienced different cultures, tried tasty local foods and most importantly had opportunities to peek into the ordinary life of locals in different countries. Now I want to pay it back to all travelers by welcoming them to my kitchen!

What I believe in my kitchen is…



1. Real ingredients


Colorful vegetables, brown rice, sesame seeds, organic miso paste, sea salt... I care about what I eat and I am committed to you caring as well. In my kitchen, I use real ingredients and seasonings even if they cost a bit more. I truly believe it makes a difference at the end. It helps improve not only our meals but our bodies and our society.



2. Go local


I try to have the ingredients grown locally to support local farmers who are growing their vegetables with love and pride! Kyoto has its own vegetable brand called Kyoyasai, "kyo" means Kyoto and "yasai" means vegetable. If there are something in season and available in a grocery store, I’ll use them in my cooking class.



3. Simple and classic


Most of my recipes are the ones that my mom cooked and taught me when I was little. There are simple and classic recipes that have passed on generations in Japan and now I love to pass them on to you.



4. Have fun and get your hands dirty!


In the end, it all comes down to enjoy our own life with great company. In my case, this definitely comes with great foods! I love to see you sharing those Japanese foods you learn here with your loved ones when you are back home. So in this cooking class, you will get involved all the process while we cook together. I also send you all the recipes in PDF files after the cooking class so it’s right there in your mailbox when you are ready to cook for your family and friends.



Come to my kitchen, enjoy cooking and have fun together!

Spinach Ohitashi
Spinach Ohitashi
Vegetarian Japanese Lunch Plate
Vegetarian Japanese Lunch Plate

Japanese egg omlet

Cooked Pumpkin
Cooked Pumpkin
Renkon Flitters
Renkon Flitters
Fried Rice Balls
Fried Rice Balls
Toronto Island
Vegetarian cooking class
Japanese Lunch Box
Giza, Egypt
Fushimi Inari, Kyoto
Safari tour, Cape Town
Hand made lanterns
Having lunch in Singapore

Every Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday



10:00-13:00 (3hours)



13,000 yen per class (Up to two people)

 *include: all the food costs and kitchen equipment



5mins on foot from Shijyo Omiya (Hankyu line), Kyoto

*I'll inform you the detailed address after the confirmation

details about maki's veg cooking class


*I'm sorry but this cooking class is currently closed.


*This is a private cooking lesson. 

  Maximum people is TWO people.



Mene (Winter):

  • Rice balls

  • Miso soup (NO fish broth)

  • Tamagoyaki (Japanese egg omelet)

  • Boiled spinach with roasted sesames

  • Lotus root flitters with teriyaki sauce


  *Menu will be subject to change depends

    on available vegetables.

  *It can be changed to vegan menu upon request.

*to book a class, contact here

Calling for all vegetarian travelers in Kyoto!


Are you passionate about experiencing a different food culture?


Are you keen to learn how to make authentic Japanese foods that are all vegetarian?


If that’s something that you're looking for, this hands-on private cooking class will help your dream comes true!


words from clients


"Friendly atmosphere & yummy food, couldn't ask more for a cooking classroom. All ingredients we used were local and organic, and the preparation of the dishes was fun and simple! The result was amazing! I bring to a hotel the food I couldn't finish there :D

The teacher is a really friendly open minded person, you will enjoy not only the cooking part :) Highly recommended to all vegetarians and vegans travelers who want have a nice experience with Japanese food but also to whom is not vegetarian, maybe after this cooking class you change your mind. lol"

-  Daniele from 🇮🇹